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Looks like a home cook meal I would love to come home to! Now I know...that raw eggs over donburi only uses the yolk and not the entire egg. Before this I always crack the whole egg LOL!!! I have a question and perhaps you can shed some light in your future blog entries. I see that you cook a variety of dishes but the quantities are small and ingredients vary from each dish. How do Japanese cook and shop for such small quantities of food? Can you share your shopping and menu planning process?


I'm definitely going to try making both of those! They look delicious!


Thanks so very much for the marvelous tutorial for Ikura - it is a masterpiece. I use it all the time; as my buddy fishes in B.C. a lot, and has absolutely no use or interest in the roe. My marinade includes sake or other spirits as inspiration dictates. Thsnks again - Kind Regards, Frank


the salmon looks so good. doubt i could sneak it passed the kids though. but, must try for at least myself.


Thanks all!

Pei, I did the same thing! And I think whole eggs are actually OK with certain donburi, like gyudon.
I'd love to share more about shopping and menu planning in Jaapan, but perhaps not for a while. For now I can tell you that pacjages of food, especially meat, are very small, and that a lot of people shop daily or at least several times a week.

Frank, I'm so glad the ikura recipe was helpful. Spirits and other flavourings are never ever used in Japan, but now I'm intrigued.


Thanks Amy for making me feel less silly for all the raw slimey egg whites that have made it to my tummy :)I am still amazed at the meals you come up with though! And now you are a multi-talented blogger! Anne Gedes protege, chef and mama all in one. Love your blog. Look forward to your posts.

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